Welcome to NI Resource

Recognizing the need for a Nursing Informatics (NI) metasite, we have compiled an extensive set of resources for the nurse practicing in informatics.

As you travel through our metasite, you will find a collection of sites categorized to assist you in your nursing informatics practice. Links to a variety of informatics organizations and government agencies are among the many different resources listed.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a centralized repository of resources to facilitate retrieval of information that is relevant, current, and reliable for informatics nurses.

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NIResource does not directly fund, sponsor, or solicit the creation of any materials linked to the NIResource web site. Inclusion of a link within NIResource does not serve as an endorsement of the linked material or institution by NIResource or Duke University. NIResource does not dictate the content of linked material, but does reserve the right to remove links considered to be obsolete or inappropriate material as it relates to our mission.